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      At 11:18 on February 15, 2022, Shenzhen Wonder and Dongfang Precision Group signed an equity cooperation agreement formally, and the signing ceremony was a complete success
      About us

      A Member of Dongfang Precision Group


      Shenzhen Wonder Printing System Co., Ltd., a member of Dongfang Precision Group, is a professional manufacturer of corrugated digital printing machine, a National High-Tech Enterprise . Has successively launched the Muti Pass scanning digital printers, suitable for small batch printing of corrugated board; Single-Pass high speed digital printers,which can meet large, medium and small corrugated board orders; And Single Pass high speed digital printers suitable for corrugated paper pre-printing.

      From Muti Pass scanning to Single Pass high-speed injection,from post-print to pre-print,from dye ink, pigment ink to UV inks,from cattle paperboard to semi-coated board,from single sheet printing to seamless change of variable data,from stand-alone printing to linkage with ERP, Wonder break through the edge of mechanical manufacturing, open up the physical world and the digital world with a complete digital printing matrix.Provide customers with a full range of corrugated digital printing solutions.

      Meanwhile, Shenzhen Wonder, with its profound accumulation in the field of packaging digital printing and a good reputation in the industry, has re-created key projects for the research and development, production and sales of digital printing equipment for advertising, home decoration, building materials and other fields, and is committed to the development and manufacture of various types of digital printing equipment. Customized high-speed digital printing equipment such as flatbed and roll-to-roll. The flatbed model can be applied to materials such as aluminum gusset, glass, ceramic tile, metal plate, acrylic plate, Wantong board, etc. The roll-to-roll pre-printer can be applied to corrugated paper,removable Sticker,flex banner,PVC color film,decorative paper,thin aluminum plate etc. All models can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

      Today, Wonder equipment is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East, Latin America and other countries. More than 1,300 equipments running in more than 80 countries around the world. Not only continues to create value for the carton factory, but also creates all kinds of extraordinary for the personalized packaging of end users!

      Shenzhen Wonder, driving the future with digital!